Hi guys! I really want to do something cool with this page. I hope to one day make this a sort of family archive, but at the moment I only have a few pictures scanned in. Not to worry... neat things are in the future! If you want to contribute anything, please feel free to send them my way.


Family Pictures

1- Christian on floor with Tigger 2- Christian on floor with Tigger 3- Christian backyard by table 4- Christian looking up 5- Christian looking way up
Christian on the... Christian on the... Christian back... Christian looking... Christian looking...
6- Christian sitting down Christian sitting down 7- Christian close up Grandma Collier and Christian Grandma Collier and Christian on Thanksgiving
Christian sitting... Christian (small) Christian close... Grandma Collier ... Grandma Collier ...
Braden visiting the pad Heading out at LAX In the corridor at LAX Leaving Wild Rivers Playing video games with Tom
Braden visiting ... Heading out at L... In the corridor ... Leaving Wild Riv... Playing video ga...
Shopping at Marvel Mania Misti attempting to swallow entire hard boiled egg Pissed Chick
Shopping at Marv... Misti attempting... Sara


Angie and Eric’s Wedding (May 18th, 2002)
Angie and Eric's Wedding Pictures from Angie and Ericís wedding on May 18th, 2002.


Prisoner of War H.M.C.
Hayden Collier- P.O.W. This is one of the main reasons that I wanted to have this website. Prisoner of War H.M.C. is a tribute to my grandfather who was a P.O.W. in WWII. I remember when I was young that he used to have a tick when he sat down to eat where he would peck at the table with his finger. I later learned from my grandmother that this was from having to try and pick off the edible crumbs of bread from rotting loafs made out or sawdust. I put this page up to honor his memory.


Pokeeterz- Sara's MSN site. Lots of pics of the annoying brat.

Pokey- A few little hoochie pics of Sara on her old AOL page.

Kimmbel's Place- Mike's site. Pretty lacking, but not like I'd expect anything else from such a sack.

KISL 88.7- Bill's Catalina radio show. Check him out Friday nights with the streaming broadcasts. Here's a couple shots from the station's webcam- 1 2 3 4