I've put some things up… I just forget to tell the rest of the world. Like Justin and Corinna's wedding and Halloween 2006 pics. I have a ton of stuff that I want to put up, but I still need to completely redo the site from scratch… so, there’s that.

Finally an update... What after only three years?!? Well to be honest it was getting to be a real pain in the ass to upload pictures from my old "analog" camera (especially on my piece of crap PC). Now that I have a sweet digital momma you might be seeing more action. What I really want to do is burn the entire site down and start over from scratch. That is the plan, but don't hold your breath. Here's Halloween 2004 to keep you comfy until then.

I know it's family stuff, but I added a bunch of pictures from my cousin Angie's wedding.

Marina Turns 21

Gentlemen... start your engines! Added pics of Erotica LA.

Put up the pics from 4th of July at Justin's and the screen captures of us as Extras in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Prisoner of War H.M.C.

This is one of the main reasons that I wanted to have my own personal website. I've always wanted to make a digital archive of the tapes my grandfather, Hayden Collier, made for me of his experiences as a P.O.W. in WWII. I also wanted them to be made available to any family members who might care to listen.

I don't expect you all to listen or maybe even want to. I found it rather hard at first listening to someone who has been gone for over ten years. But after listening for awhile, I found myself laughing and feeling close again to the grandfather that I have missed dearly.

I hope that you find the site special as well.

Tossed up pics from the Chris and Natalie Las Vegas Trip (2001).

I told you there'd be more! Added pics of Marcos and Laura's wedding (Miguel's INS brother) and Andrea and Bryan's (my step-sister) to the Weddings section. Also added some more pics to New Years 2000. Added a bunch of Celebrity Prank Calls to the Downloads section in Audio. Updated all of the Links (All of the Links... wink, wink). Which was kind of depressing since a bunch of my favorite sites have dot-bombed out.

I loaded up a bunch of archive stuff that you may or may not have seen. So be sure to check out YUM!, Goofy Shit, and Little Woman. Lot's of little changes throughout, so let me know if something is not working as cool as it should be.

P.S.- Feel free to send me anything that you think would be a cool contribution to the site.

Hi! It's been awhile... I know. But I'm back in business! Added the new Halloween 2001 and Josh Rescue Trip to the Pictures section. Don't have too much fun, more's on the way.

I've done a big update. Besides adding the Creative Portfolio section on the main page, I've also added three new sections to the Pictures area- Halloween 2000 (Classic Kyle vs. Jesse), Comic Catastrophe, and Cody Cho's B-Day. I've also added pictures to the Santa Barbara, Weddings, Party!, and Goofy Shit sections. Also lots of behind the scenes action (links updated, broken external links fixed... stuff like that).

Almost everything has been tweaked in some way, so let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.

More fun is on the way now that I've finally got a new flatbed scanner.