project: kyle's big fat head

Kyle's Big Fat Head

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Kyle's Big Fat Head for Quake III Arena.

This file will need to be unzipped and placed in Quake's baseq3 folder.
*Some users may need to create a "models/players/kyle" folder under baseq3 to be able to access Kyle from the player select screen (The folder can be empty).

The original intent of Project: Kyle's Big Fat Head was to create a low polygon count 3D model caricature.

The program MilkShape 3D was used to create the model. A taped cell phone conversation with Kyle, along with the help of some noise reduction software, was used as the sound effects. Also added was special in-game shading to the bottle of Bombay Sapphire and to the tip of the cigarette, to make both items appear to glow.

Below you will find examples of the original concept composite, progress snapshots and in-game screen captures.

Feel free to download a copy and try out the model if you have a copy of Quake III handy.
It should be noted that due to MilkShape 3D lacking proper support, animation was never added to the model, so it should still be considered a BETA version. The Quake engine, however, handles such actions as the head looking up and down, left and right; but the model currently does not have any unique animation (Such as a death animation, taunt, run or idle.).

original composite
original composite

starting on the face
starting on the face

the head and bottle almost finished
the head and bottle almost finished
Loading up a level
loading up a level

Looking in the mirror
looking in the mirror

Firing plasma gun on steps
firing plasma gun

Without a weapon
without a weapon
Quad with railgun
quad with railgun

Firing plasma gun in corner
in corner

Kyle chaos
kyle chaos

Kyle with machine gun
machine gun
Quad Kyle flyin through the air
jumping with quad

Quad Kyle
quad Kyle

You want some of this
want some

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Kyle's Big Fat Head